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 Teds Woodworking Resource Review

This woodworking product was put together by Ted McGrath and it has increasing gained more and more popularity over other packages on the web over the past few years. In this review I’ll look at his product in depth and give you the scoop.

 What Is This Package?

Ted's woodworking package

Ted McGrath is a professional wood worker, teacher, and member of the AWI.

‘Teds Wood working Resources’ package is an enormous collection of over 16,000 wood working plans and instructional drawings which are easy to follow. The Resource is loaded with good information on how to build furniture for your home, patio chairs and lawn furniture, various styles of dog / animal outdoor houses, various bird houses and feeders, utility sheds, tree stands, and a lot more.

Ted has spent a few years putting this complete package together and in his opinion, it’s the contains the largest assortment of woodworking plans online today.

I did notice there are a lot of packages online, and have some observations on them, which I’ll go into below. So why should I select Ted’s resource?

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons, and consider this resource as an asset.

Teds Woodworking Resource Package Review


The product is suitable for various skill levels

Looking at the various plans, its obvious that this product would be beneficial to anyone just starting out to those with higher level of skill that just need a set of plans to follow. These plans easy to understand for beginners and give them a solid foundation to build on. As they build their confidence, the availability to proceed to more complex projects is available right in this package. Advanced woodworkers and carpenters may appreciate the wide selection projects contained within, and the time saved in having high quality plans already in their possession.

The package contains added value bonus’s

1. The, ‘Complete Woodworking & Carpentry Guide’, which is a 200-page guide which may be useful for the those just getting started in woodworking.

2. Free drawing and CAD, (Computer Aided Design), plan viewer

3. 150 premium quality woodworking videos. I personally like videos when learning skills

4. The Package was thoughtfully put together

5. It was particularly simple to search any project idea I could think of, using this resource, and a lot you more, wouldn’t normally think of.

6. Money Back Guarantee

7. 60-day guarantee. Get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the product.

8. Customer Support – Customer support is provided should you have questions about your order or how to navigate the members’ area.


Very Large Download

The complete file package is quite large, so with a metered connection, or dial up, it may take a considerable amount of time to complete the download in which case, it may be a better option to select the DVD option (which you can select in the ‘members’ area of the site).

There’s a lot going on in the members’ area

The members’ area may require a learning curve, there are a huge amount of woodworking projects and plans contained in there, but they are organized by category and as you get used to the site, you will get better at utilizing the directory. As mentioned above – customer support is also available.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Ted’s Resource is a very comprehensive package loaded with detailed specifications, that offers numerous solutions for many woodworking and building projects.

There are quite a few other woodworking packages out there and some may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. You may be getting a lot less for your money, if you even calculate the cost per plan factor. Many of the offers I looked at are individual plans between 5.00 and 25.00 for ‘each’ design. I could foresee a lot of time being wasted looking at plans that only provide one or a few ideas at a higher cost per plan. I seriously doubt that you will find any package as comprehensive as Teds Woodworking Resource.

I trust that you found this review helpful.
TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects
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